Throwing Things

Featured – Oregon Burlesque Festival, Saturday Night Competition 2016
Featured – Exclusive VIP Showcase, Colorado Burlesque Festival 2015
Featured – Saturday Spectacular, Arizona Burlesque Festival 2015
Featured – Saturday Night, Southwest Burlesque Showcase 2016

Tifa Tittlywinks for PinCurl Magazine says, “[Kitty Litteur]’s act could only be followed by the most sensual act of the evening, a duet between Holly Rebelle & Kit Kombat. The chemistry between the two of them read all the way to the top of the house.”

Kit Kombat & Holly Rebelle invite you to face your demons, acknowledge your ghosts, & make your shadow your friend.


This is what happens when a bizarre set of circumstances bring together a ballroom dancer and a burlesque artist. Holly Rebelle teams up with Kit Kombat to create a strangely beautiful duet as playful partners move from shadow to light.