Rain Cloud

Holly Rebelle at the 4th Annual Show Me Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival from Sixth Floor Cinema on Vimeo.

Winner, Best Solo – Texas Burlesque Festival, 2012
Alternate – Burlesque Hall of Fame Best Debut Category, 2013
Featured – Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival, 2014
Featured – Las Vegas Burlesque Festival, 2013
Featured – Show Me Burlesque Festival, 2013
Featured – Colorado Burlesque Festival, 2012
Featured – Southwest Burlesque Showcase, 2012
Featured – BurlesqueLand IV, 2012

10661665_681019975326915_7728877623711123085_oHolly Rebelle’s Rain Cloud dance based upon a traditional burlesque concept. Performed to Disney’s Bambi soundtrack number “Little April Shower,” Holly begins her performance surrounded by grey and white latex balloons representing a puffed up rain cloud. Gem studded grey opera gloves and lightning bolt hair accessories complete her cloudy appearance. Both the choreography and music begin light and festive but soon become dark and foreboding as the storm rolls in. Holly removes a lightning bolt pin from her hairpiece and begins to pop her balloons as the music climbs to crescendo; crashing cymbals accompany exploding balloons as metallic confetti rains down upon the stage. Finally, the storm has passed, her balloons are spent. The original cheerful tone of the music returns. From behind the grey cloud dress emerges two rainbows and finally crystal studded Sun pasties.

“Holly Rebelle made me almost shed a happy tear with what I think is the first burlesque act safe for children; who knew we could be wholesome onstage while stripping?”

— Peekaboo Pointe’s Show Me Burlesque Diary —