Burlesque Noir’s 10 Year Anniversary May 30, 2015


Headliner – The Great Burlesque Exposition, 2011
VIP Show – Colorado Burlesque Festival, 2011
Featured – Southwest Burlesque Showcase, 2011
Holly Rebelle’s tribute to Jacqueline Kennedy explores the love story between the First Lady and President Kennedy immediately after his assassination. The piece opens with Holly removing and hanging up her blood stained pink Chanel suit. She then prepares for and attends her husband’s funeral. In an emotional third act, Mrs. Kennedy discovers her tears and memories, while powerful, cannot bring him back to her. She gives him a longing kiss and her diamond ring before he departs forever. Although the subject matter seems risky, this is a beautiful and memorable tribute to lost love.281921_178724405526855_159200410812588_487505_4708890_n