526834_399000206840832_1791830426_nSometime during 2003, an Albuquerque woman attended a performance of the only New Mexico burlesque troupe, Bella Donna Burlesque Revue. With a childhood of intense dance training and experience she was inspired. She had been performing as part of Crushed Velvet Rope, a local performance art troupe, but dance was her real passion.

The dancer created a burlesque stage name, Holly Rebelle, a mashup of her love of rock ‘n’ roller Buddy Holly and her prominent Star Wars Rebel Alliance tattoo. Within a few weeks, Burlesque Noir was born and the troupe began rehearsing their first two acts under Holly’s direction and choreography.

A few years had passed and Burlesque Noir was becoming well known for solid troupe burlesque. During 2010, Holly put together an 8 minute, heartfelt, yet bloody tribute to first lady Jacqueline Kennedy for a Halloween show. Although the act was not intended to be repeated, the response from the audience was intense.  Denver’s Miss Orchid Mei suggested that the act be further developed and applied to the festival circuit as a solo.
In 2011, her Jackie Kennedy act was selected to headline The Great Burlesque Exposition in Cambridge, MA and later was placed into the exclusive VIP show at the Colorado Burlesque Festival. For 2012, Holly created a classic balloon dress act. This lighthearted number was the embodiment of the raincloud from Dis-ney’s film Bambi. During a trip to LA’s theme park inspired, BurlesqueLand show, Holly applied the act to Texas Burlesque Festival. She had applied her troupe and figured it would be worth trying to bring a solo, too. Much to Holly’s surprise, she took home the trophy for Best Solo while Burlesque Noir nabbed the Best Troupe prize. In 2013, Holly applied to the prestigious Burlesque Hall of Fame competition and her Rain Cloud act was selected as an alternate for the Best Debut competition. She was selected as an alternate again in 2015 with her rug act. In 2014, Burlesque Noir was selected to compete at the Burlesque Hall of Fame for the title of “Best Troupe”. Holly headed to Las Vegas with her talented group of women, Joy Coy, General Blackery, Machina Tigre, and Mary Jane Monroe.
Holly has joined up with Burque Burlesque to produce the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Annual Southwest Burlesque Showcases. For over ten years, Holly’s been a leading figure and pioneer of New Mexico burlesque, bringing her solo and troupe visions of burlesque to stages and festivals around the Southwest and beyond.